Stone Light Journey AR App|Tainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park"

Intro : “Stone Time Travel” AR Experience App ⎯ Travel Through Time and Feed Dinosaurs

The Zuozhen Fossil Park in Tainan is located in the Cailiao River Basin, which is rich in fossil deposits. With over 4,600 items in its collection, it boasts the largest collection of local fossils in Taiwan and is the only fossil-themed park in the country. In the summer of 2021, we collaborated with the park to launch the “Starlight Journey” AR experience app. This app is not only designed to provide interactive entertainment but also aims to enhance visitors’ understanding of ancient organisms and geological history through the application of AR technology, making their visit more engaging and informative.

CLIENTTainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park
DATEJuly 2021
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Starting with fun science education, we use games to increase visitors’ interest in exhibition information.

Using AR technology, we designed unique levels based on the different exhibits and terrains within the park. Visitors can download the app and experience various interactive activities upon entering the park, such as interacting with ancient creatures or watching 360-degree animation videos. The game also includes many interactive tasks, such as fossil collection in the riverbed, helping golden monkeys gather apples, sorting and arranging fossils, cleaning fossils, and feeding T-Rex, Triceratops, and Brachiosaurus. These activities aim to spark children’s curiosity about ancient creatures.

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Application of iBeacon Positioning Technology to Enhance Game Experience

In this experience, we use iBeacon positioning hardware, differing from traditional AR that relies on GPS network positioning. This method addresses issues such as indoor and outdoor network signal limitations and excessive phone load due to prolonged GPS usage. Even when moving indoors, the game experience remains unaffected, ensuring smooth gameplay. Additionally, we incorporate iBeacon’s proactive push notification feature, alerting visitors on their phones when they approach interactive checkpoints, thereby enhancing the overall visit experience.


客戶 Client | 台南左鎮化石園區
創作團隊 Creative Team | 有日互動設計 Yuri Studio

執行導演 | 楊博任 Allan Yang 3D
美術設計 | 蔡允中 Yun-Chung Tsai 焦亦柔 Yi-Rou Jiao
藝術總監 Art Director |楊博任 Allan Yang
介面設計 UIUX Designer | 倪萱 Nancy Ni
程式設計 Programming Design | 吳欣怡 Aslan Wu 辛昀辰 Paul 呂紀徹
硬體執行 Sensing Device | 吳欣怡 Aslan Wu