The Eternal Era Exhibition of Master Comedian Zhu Ge Liang

Intro: Master comedian Zhu Ge Liang is immortalized through virtual imaging.

Zhu Ge Liang, a comedian forever etched in memory, is synonymous with his classic smile and distinctive style, having become an icon of his generation. In November 2017, the “Eternal Era Exhibition of Zhu Ge Liang” opened grandly at the Yongheng Park in Keelung. The You Ri team had the honor of managing interactive productions for three major exhibition areas: “Life on TV,” “Life in Movies,” and the “Eternal Memorial Wall.” Combining AR, VR, and other interactive technologies, the exhibition aims to recreate a virtual reality experience. Through the clever integration of digital imagery and technology, it allows fans of this stage king to relive Zhu Ge Liang’s charisma once again.

CLIENTEternal Cultural and Creative Park
DATEDecember 2017