2024 Smart City Summit & Expo Opening Interaction

Intro : 2024 Smart City Summit & Expo – Dual Axis Transformation of Digital and Green

The “Smart City Summit & Expo” (Smart City) is a platform for global city managers to share experiences in smart city development and is currently the largest professional smart city exhibition in Asia. The exhibition covers solutions for smart healthcare, smart education, smart energy, and more, in response to the needs of smart cities. The 2024 event, themed “Dual Axis Transformation of Digital and Green,” will feature three major exhibition areas: “Ubiquitous AI,” “Diversified 5G Private Network Applications,” and “2050 Net Zero Emissions.” Held in both Taipei and Kaohsiung, it will welcome over 2,000 municipal and industry guests from 46 countries and regions.

CLIENTTaipei Computer Association
( 01 )
Release the butterfly in your hand and turn small actions into a force for change.

In collaboration with the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), we have planned and produced the highlight interactive segment of the exhibition’s opening ceremony. Using the butterfly from the main visual of this year’s expo, symbolizing green and sustainability, we have created a multi-user interactive experience that allows all attending guests to participate.


By scanning the QR code displayed on the main stage screen with their phones, guests can enter the interactive website and drag the butterflies from their phone screens to the big screen. As the number of released butterflies increases, the island of Taiwan on the screen will gradually be covered with colorful butterflies. Once the coverage reaches 100%, the opening guest will press a button on their device, causing the butterflies to disperse and transform into the title of the expo.


Client |Taipei Computer Association
Creative Team | Yuri Studio

Director | Allan Yang 3D
3D Art design | Calvin Tjuanda
Art Director | Allan Yang
Project Manager| Biru Lin
UIUX Designer |  Chloe Lu
Programming Design | Aslan Wu  Edoardo Dominikus
Music Director|FRANK