Re: Jiang Xian'er Digital Meditation -
Jiang Xian'er Light and Shadow Immersive Exhibition

Intro : Theatrical Digital Meditation: Recreating the Artistic Journey of Jiang Xian’er

Theatrical Digital Meditation: Recreating the Artistic Journey of Jiang Xian’er “Re: Jiang Xian’er Digital Meditation – Jiang Xian’er Light and Shadow Immersive Exhibition” is curated by theater and visual artist Wang Yisheng. This exhibition employs theatrical narrative techniques to chronicle Jiang Xian’er’s artistic journey from the mid-1960s to the present. Seven domestic new media design teams (Wang Yisheng, Gu Po Culture, You Ri Interactive, Motion Design, Three Forms, Poshi Ultra Media, and Wu Zheyu) and renowned music producer Chen Jianqi collaborate to deconstruct 73 of Jiang Xian’er’s works and his creative spirit. They create nine poetic and stylistically distinct digital meditations, incorporating AI algorithms and generative technology to reveal the hidden essence of Jiang Xian’er’s works. The exhibition won the Gold Award at the American MUSE Design Awards in 2024.

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The Intersection of Art and Technology: Motion Capture ╳ AI Algorithm Motion Analysis

The “Darkroom” chapter is produced by the You Ri team, utilizing dynamic capture technology and featuring former Cloud Gate Dance Theater principal dancer Cai Mingyuan. By capturing Cai Mingyuan’s body movements and transforming them into dynamic images, this chapter recreates the struggles and frustrations Jiang Xian’er experienced during his window-shaded painting period. The production employs optical tracking systems and image processing technology to accurately present Cai Mingyuan’s movement details. Additionally, AI technology is used to analyze motion characteristics through algorithms, better integrating them into Jiang Xian’er’s artistic world. This technological application enhances the expressiveness of the images, conveying emotional struggles and creative desires. Viewers can experience deep emotional resonance in the digital meditation while appreciating the application and charm of contemporary technology in artistic creation.

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Framing Space with Paintings: Exploring Inward Through Repeated Construction and Deconstruction

We are dedicated to recreating Jiang Xian’er’s solitary creative experience in the darkroom—profoundly inspired by the first movement “Funeral” from Mahler’s “Resurrection Symphony No. 2.” This movement not only provided him with creative motivation but also propelled him to continuously explore self and pursue aesthetic truth. Therefore, we chose to use Unreal Engine, transforming the picture frame into the primary spatial element. The images turn musical staves into five-dimensional space, allowing viewers to enter a fictional darkroom and experience the process of self-deconstruction and reconstruction, as if going through the artist’s creative torment and struggle. This unique visual presentation deepens the audience’s understanding of Jiang Xian’er’s works and allows them to profoundly feel the beauty of the fusion of art and technology.



Executive Director | Allan Yang
Producer | illusiontsf
3D Art Design | Mickey Hsu, Yun-Chung Tsai, Yi-Rou Jiao
Motion Capture Dancer | Ming-Yuan Tsai
Motion Capture Technical Director | Yung-Sheng Hsu
Motion Capture Technicians | Meng-Ting Hsieh, Chiao-Yun Chou, Qin-Hua Xie

Special Thanks | Hans Lin